Adult Volunteers

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Being an all volunteer day camp means we need LOTS of help!  And none of it is possible without a solid and dependable group of Before, During, and After Camp Adult Volunteers!

But there are real benefits to helping out at camp (besides the great farmer's tan) so keep reading below!

There is an application to volunteer.  Not all applicants fit positions we need.  If more than one person applies for the same spot, we will put the best qualified person in that position based on the needs of the camp.  Previous volunteering does NOT guarantee a position the next year.  Many factors go into the sorting/unit selection process.

Please remember that if YOU do not fulfill your Volunteer commitment, it could affect your daughter's attendance.  And if you are not on-site, your Tags or other children cannot be on site.

You have other children that are not Girl Scout campers?

  • If volunteering two or more full days, we have options for your "other" children - not Girl Scout campers.
  • Boys entering 1st-6th grade in the fall are in their own unit called Tags.  There's a fee to cover their activities and fishing worms and snacks, etc.
  • Boys entering 7th-12th grades in the fall can apply to be a Tag Assistant (TA).  Similar to PA role, this is a leadership role and is filled as needed.  TA are part of the TAG unit.
  • We are sorry, but we are no longer offering a Mini Camp for children younger than 1st grade.
  • Each of these groups for children of full-time, at camp, adult volunteers has their OWN online registration form and fees.

Full-Time At-Camp Positions (Full time is 5 full days!) 

  • Director-In-Training - adult interested in learning and training as a director in future years.  We have so much all ready for you! We need persons with risk management skills, comfortable resolving people conflicts and enforcing rules of GS.  Contact if you are interested!!
  • Unit Leader - adult in charge of group of campers. Tell us if you want to be with your campers unit OR any particular grade unit.
  • Tags leader - Leader of boys of volunteers, entering 1st-6th grades in the fall and TA (Tag Assistant, like a PA, but male).​
  • ​PA Leader - for unit of Program Aides (girls entering 7th-12th grades)
  • Programs - Director, Assistant Director
  • Headquarters - Director, Assistant Director, ​Nurse (RN, EMT, CNA) or Floater (does whatever/wherever help is needed all week).

Full Time Benefits

  • We have reserved spots for your campers! But you need to register as soon as you can so we know how many campers we can let in.
  • 90% discount of ALL of your campers (not just one camper, as in the past!! Thanks GSCO!
    If you do not have campers but have one PA, TA, or tag then their fees can be reimbursed up to $155 (that's equivalent to 90% of camper fee).

  • ​Adults do pay 10% of their campers' fees at registration.  
  • Fees for PA, TA, or tag or are collected in May.
  • Spots for Tags (boys entering 1st-6th grades) to enjoy camp activities for days you are on site.  That is assuming we have enough volunteers to run these units (maybe that's your volunteer role!).
  • Free T-shirt and Patch (or sticker) for the adult 
  • Enjoy canoeing and learn some new camp songs with your unit
  • Experience for your resume (yes, really!)
  • ​A great tan!

Part Time Volunteer Positions

  • Anything less than 5 full days
  • Floater - help wherever needed (with unit or at HQ)
  • Help setup camp on Sunday, June 2nd (typically 9-noon)
  • Help close down camp on Friday, June 7th (typically 9-noon)
  • Assistant Unit Leader - 

            -Help the main Unit Leader but not every day.
            -This assumes there are assistants who pair together to cover all 5 days.
            -If selected, we make room for your camper but she will NOT be guaranteed to be in                    your unit.

Part Time Volunteer Benefits:

  • We have reserved spots for your campers! But you need to register as soon as you can so we know how many campers we can let in.
  • If you are at camp more than two days, your other children (tags) can attend at a prorated rate.
  • Share the day camp experience with your camper, but you are not guaranteed to be volunteering with/near your camper(s).


Next Steps

     ​Go to the Registration  page to apply online.  See more details there.

See Training for updates on time and location for new Unit Leader training and All Unit Leader Training!  TBA!!!