All registrations are considered at closing, this is NOT first come, first serve. 
​Placement depends on variables such as, but not limited to, adult volunteers available to lead the girls at camp and/or spots available by grade. All registrations/applications before closing are considered.
We won't know if are full until we map adult volunteers to ages of campers.
Again, it is NOT first come, first serve.

Camper Fees  (girls entering 1st-6th grades in fall) - $165 (for 2021) OR Volunteer 40 hours before (limited jobs available) or during camp (lots of jobs available) for a free camper.  All the details are on the Volunteer page - including how we welcome to camp your non-GS children - your 2 1/2 years to entering kindergarten girls & boys (we call them Mini campers and/or your boys entering 1st-12th grades.  See Dates to Know on this page for cancellation/refund policy.

​Earn credits for your camper's fee.  Be a full-time adult volunteer - and BRING your other children to camp - "Tags" or "Mini campers" (see definitions above).  Learn more on the Volunteer tab - we need you for camp to happen and for more campers to be accepted!

Have Cookie Credits?
​Use  this
GSCO link to file for Cookie Credit reimbursement.  Use your email confirmation receipt from Day Camp for proof of purchase.

Adults, do you need
help updating your official Girl Scout registration or background with GS Colorado? Contact GSCO at 

Need Financial Assistance? 
Scholarship opportunities available. Each camper scholarship can be up to 50% of fee. 
As this is volunteer run day camp, fees are not eligible for GSCO camp grants and discounts do not apply. Please contact  ten days before registration close.

​Dates​ To Know for 2021/Refund Dates & Details
April 3 - Registration opens.  It is NOT first come, first served.  It's a lottery based on enough adults for more campers.  So you don't have to register the first day.
April 19 - Deadline for Scholarship Requests
April 20 -
Registration CLOSES at 9 pm
May 1 - All campers, PAs and adult volunteers are notified via email if they have been admitted or are on the wait list.  Placement depends variables such as, but not limited to, adult volunteers, COVID regulations and/or spots available by grade. 
May 10 -
Last day to withdraw  (not covid related), $150 refund (minus $15

May 15 - Wait List notified and refund sent

May 31 - Last day to receive $120 refund if we cancel for covid (as we've been buying supplies)

June 13 - Last day to receive $100 refund if we cancel for covid (we bought more supplies)

June 14-18, if we close the whole camp or a unit/cohort due to COVID, partial refunds will occur.  $75 if closed Tuesday, $50 on Wednesday,  $25 on Thursday.  No refund if closed Friday, all has been purchased and paid.

???- New Unit Leader Training  (Don't be Scared, You’re a Tour Guide!) 7-9 PM
June 1 - Full refunds for any wait listed campers or PAs not placed
???  - Unit Leader Training for All Unit Leaders (new and returning) 7- 9 PM
??? - PA All-Day Training

June 14-18 - Session 1 Camp from 9 AM - 3 PM
June 18 - Take-down from noon-2 pm and 2-4 PM shifts
July 15 - Full refunds to volunteers who met commitments

​​All camp paperwork is now online!   BUT you must have ALL your answers

before you start as you can NOT go back and update answers and the session may time out before you can go look up your answers.

​Due to restrictions in the registration software (third party), if you have multiple campers (or PA or adults) to register, you need MULTIPLE emails.  Two campers, two different emails.  However, you can use the same two emails for the two adults or two PAs. 

Click this blue button to gather info for registration ==>>

If you have any EXCEPTIONS or QUESTIONS, email the BEFORE heading to the online forms.

For Everyone:
1. Which week/session to attend? There is NOT an either option, pick 1st or 2nd preference. ​If can only go one week, make that both preferences.
2.  Tshirt sizes – Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XLarge. Optional for tags and minis, but ask for one now as they will not be available later.
3.  GS Troop Number if you are registered for current school year, GS memberships run September to September so it will cover summer time.
4.  Registered Girl Scout? If you are not a currently registered Girl Scout, you’ll need to complete and pay for that by May 15, if accepted to camp.
Register to be a Girl Scout.
5.  Medical information – insurance carrier info, Doctor contact information and medical conditions/situation/insights.
6.  Are immunizations up to date (adults and children)? No list, no medical exam and no doctor signature.
7.  Emergency contact info- name, phone and relationship to attendee.

8.  ​READ the webpage (see top menu) for your role - Adult Volunteer, PA, Camper - more detail is there!! This info changes year to year.

For Camper Registration (girls entering 1st-6th grades in fall):
1. Carpool. We know it’s months away, but your probably pretty sure you know who will (or could) be picking up your kids. Have names and phone numbers for those people. ​

2.  Campers entering 6th grade in the fall, decide if you want to earn the LIA badge at camp.  It is a potential.  See details on Camper page.

​​​​For PA Registration (girls entering 7th-12th grades in fall):
1.  ​PA camp name, if they have one.
2.  ​PA will need to type in answers to these 3 questions.  So type them up ahead then cut/paste into application:        

     a. Why do you want to be a PA this year?

     b. Give an example of how you react when things are not going your way and apply that to camp.

     c. List your top 3 strengths and explain how they would apply to Day Camp.
3.   List all PA training/experience you have: official PA/VIT, PA Pin, LIA pin, GSCO PA training, previous PA experience.  These trainings are NOT required for previous PAs to this camp, but be required for all PAs new to this camp!
​4.  Be available for MANDATORY all day training.  See Dates To Know above for date.

For Adult Volunteer Application (over 18 years old):
1.   Which child are you with? If you have campers, PAs, Minis, or Tags: list them here.
2.  If you are volunteering FULL TIME, you can bring a buddy for your child – we need the BUDDY NAME and TROOP number. Make sure they also apply!  We must have their registration, payment and medical info.  Note, buddy is not free!
3.  If you are volunteering FULL TIME at camp, mark your calendar for your adult training!  See calendar above for exact dates and times.
4.  ONLY If you have are volunteering FULL TIME AT CAMP, can you bring Mini Campers (boys or girls 2 ½ years to PreK) and/OR Tags (boys K-5th grade), you’ll need their medical information too. If you aren’t sure where all your kids will be (as we know summer planning can get complicated), give us everyone who MIGHT be coming. It’s easier to remove than add extra tags/minis.
5.  Review of possible costs – 2021 Campers $165; PA $50; Tags $50; Minicampers $50
. Optional costs are t-shirts $9 and are patches $3.
6.  If you have First Aid, CPR, lifeguard or Medical Professional certifications, please make sure that they are current during camp.
7.  Adult Buddy? If you are applying for full-time at camp, do you have an adult buddy to work with? Talk with them and make sure they are applying as well. Get their full name and troop number. 

Registration Links (have answers ready to above questions BEFORE starting)
Got all your information and ready to go?  You read the waivers above to know what you are accepting? You will
NOT be able to return to your application if it times out! All forms will open in a new window.

We are a volunteer run organization and are NOT using the GSCO registration system for activities and residence camp.  This is DIFFERENT.  They do not "talk to" each other or share information.  GSCO scholarships, grants and discounts do NOT apply.

If you are unable to process your payment, please try using a different web browser and/or computer.  The registration form is not compatible with all web browsers and/or computers.  

Your confirmation email serves as proof that your registration is complete.  If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folders.  It is also proof of purchase for cookie credits and dependent care for tax purposes.  If you still have not received a confirmation email, then your registration may not have completed successfully and it is recommended you contact the registrar at
Fees - 2021:

Camper $165- includes tshirt and patch

PA $50 - includes tshirt and patch

Tags/mini-campers $50. Optional tag costs are t-shirts $9 and are patches $3.  

​Watch Out for AUTOFILL while filling in forms.

​It tends to place information in the wrong fields.

Register by clicking on buttons below for each role at camp:

SEPARATE applications for adult leader, your tag (boys), TA, mini (littles), camper.

     Camper Applications-one per camper (girls entering 1st-6th grades in fall)
     PA Applications - one per PA (girls entering 7th-12th grades for fall)
     Adult Vol Application - fill out one per adult.

     ​Minis - ONLY IF adult is full-time at camp; fill out one form for all your "minis" - boy

                or girl 2 1/2 years thru entering kindergarten in fall/next school year
     ​Tags - ONLY IF the adult is full-time at camp; fill out one form for all your Tags -

                boys entering 1st-6th grades in the fall
     TA Application - ONLY IF the adult is full-time at camp; each TA BOY fills out an


2021 - Registration Open April 3 - April 20 at 9 pm.

Thanks for your patience as we have many COVID changes to make. 


Due to the uncertainty of exact covid regulations, we'll accept applications with lower capacities based on state, county and Girl Scouts of Colorado recommendations.  All other applications will be on a wait list.  As camp gets closer, we will adjust per regulations at that time.  

CANCELLATION It is possible that we are unable to hold camp due to many reasons, one is if we are unable to have minimal numbers to meet our budget.  See our refund schedule below.

Fort Collins

Girl Scout Day Camp

​​Registration questions at