Only a few ​Adult/Tag spots left - email


LOTS OF CHANGES for 2023!!  

  1. For campers and PA/PAI, we moved to the Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) CampInTouch registration system.   Details below on how to setup your account and register.
  2. For adults, TA, tags & minicampers, we moved to Google Docs Forms.
  3. We now have FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE slots (not the lottery of previous years) for part of our capacity.  The rest is reserved for campers of adult volunteers.  
  4. No more need for multiple emails for multiple campers, as in the past!! In CampInTouch, you setup a family account!!
  5. 10% deposit is NON refundable!! Read all of GSDCO refund/cancel policy
  6. Adult volunteers get 90% discount - for ALL campers on site!! (it was for only 1 camper!!).
  7. ​Cookie credits are handled right in the system! Easy!
  8. Families can space out the payment between March, April and final payments due in May.
  9. You don't need to do all the paperwork now!! Pay at least the 10% deposit then GSCO will get you the links and info for getting all the paperwork and payments by middle of May.
  10. ​There is a heath history but a signed physicians exam / doctor form is not needed.

How to Register in 2023:
Camper $185- girls entering 1st-6th grades in fall (register via CampInTouch, steps below)

           If a camper is NOT a registered Girl Scout, that's an additional $25

PA $50 - girls entering 7th-12th grades in fall (register via CampInTouch, steps below)

NOTE:  Within CampInTouch, both campers & PA are eligible for other GSCO discounts

ALMOST CLOSED - email first for approval.

Full-Time Adult volunteers - only 10% fee for you. 

Register your camper (as noted above) BUT only pay the 10% deposit.  Next, register yourself with us.  Read details on volunteering and adult training  too. 

Register here for Adults.

       P.S. If a full-time adult doesn't have a camper, we'll reimburse up to $150 per adult 

       of other children costs (PA, TA, Tag, Mini).  

Tags/mini-campers $50. Only available to children of full-time adult volunteers at camp. 
         -Tags (boys who will be 1st-6th grade in fall) Register here for Tags
CLOSED  TA (Tag Assistant - boys who will be 7th-12th grade in the fall) $50.  Only available to children of full-time adult volunteers at camp.   Register here for TA

Dates To Know for 2023
January 26 at 9 am - registration opened

May 1 - Share more information about our COVID-19 plans including small group requirements, masks, exposure procedures and other guidelines
May 3 - all paperwork and payments due through CampInTouch
June 19-22, 2023 - Session 1 Camp from 9 AM - 3 PM

​Camp Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Please note that we are a volunteer run camp and our ability to provide this camp to all registered campers and PA/PAI is entirely dependent on securing enough volunteers. If spaces at camp are limited due to lack of volunteers, registrations will be prioritized by adult volunteer’s children, date received and space available for their grade. We would determine this by early May. We did cancel camp in 2022 due to lack of adult volunteers, so we want to be clear on the need and dependence on adult volunteers. We would love for you to be able to volunteer at camp! Learn all the benefits of volunteering.

How to Register via CampInTouch from GSCO (campers & PA/PAI)!

For registration support / questions family contact GSCO customer care team
                     at 877-404-5708 or

Camper & PA/PAI Registration Instructions

        1.  NOTE: CampInTouch works best on a computer browser, not your phone.

        2.  Setup.  You Need an account with GSCO's CampInTouch.  
                    If you do not have one, 
Create an CampInTouch. This can be done any time.


        3.  Register - ONLY if we have talked!! Only room for a few with approved volunteer!

             a.  Follow CampInTouch instructions to find Campers Without Session

                     (scroll to the bottom of all the camps listed, normal registration is closed)

         4.  Watch your emails for next steps:

             a.  CampInTouch reminders to complete the paperwork and final payments.

             d.  Emails from Fort Collins team with more details.

             e.  If you are volunteering, remember to complete your separate Volunteer form.

Wasn't that much easier than before!!

Being the first year and so much changing, we appreciate your patience as we figure this all out!