Adult Volunteer  

We have reorganized our training by Unit Leader experience (new or returning). Training will be done via Zoom this year. Training is required, so contact if you cannot attend the Zoom meeting for some reason.

New Unit Leader Training  (Don't be Scared, You’re a Tour Guide!)

Date: May 7th

Agenda: We’ll cover all the basics of camp, daily routine, setup, what the committee provides for you (programs, equipment, etc), and answer questions.  This is for anyone new to being a Unit Leader at Fort Collins Day Camp.

UL Training for All

Date:  May 7th

Agenda:  Refresher of content for returning Unit Leaders and more information for new Unit Leaders (more than is covered at the earlier New Leader Training); what’s new in 2024; program activities and details; evacuation procedures and receive camper list for your unit. Questions at the end and set up a time to met your co-leader.


PLAN EARLY!! as in Fall of your 6th grade year.

Get the complete & latest details from Girl Scouts of Colorado website.  This is REQUIRED and each year we have girls miss the requirements.

Cadettes must complete the following (in order):
      1.     Complete a Leader-in-Action Award (this step is most difficult due to need to schedule with another troop).  

      2.     Attend an official GSCO PA training class
      3.     Now you are a PA Intern (PAI)

      4.    Complete 6 activities / 10 hours as a PA intern (PAI)

             (most girls in NoCo are interns at the Fort Collins or Loveland Day Camps)

      5.    Now you are a fully trained GSCO PA

Mandatory Fort Collins Day Camp Specific & Required All Day Training:
      DATES TBA!!!

      This is required REGARDLESS of official Girl Scout PA training already received or        previous camp PA experience. 

More information on PA Day Camp training, contact