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Girl Scout Day Camp


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About us:
This camp is all VOLUNTEER run; from our dedicated volunteer planning committee of seasoned members from years past and new faces for fresh ideas as well as veteran Programming Manager Cindy Turney (since 2000 if not earlier) and Project Manager Dorsi Smith (over 7 years experience with FC Day Camp).  Our On-Site Directors have several years experience too.  Plus, we have a whole lot of GECCCOS thrown in for good measure to lead our archery and canoeing.

How do I register?
See the Registration page for full instructions.

Can my daughter be placed in a unit with a specific friend (i.e. buddy request)?
Actually, no.  Camp is a place to try new things and make new friends.  However, if an adult volunteers full-time, a benefit of that is to save a place for a buddy for their camper.  It takes us over 80+ volunteer hours to sort campers and volunteers into units and sessions.  We do look at putting campers from same school/troop into units if we can, so there will be familiar faces - but that is NOT guaranteed.

Can a troop register to be together?
This day camp is NOT a troop event, meaning that troops do not register together, come together and stay together during the event.  We do look at putting campers from same school/troop into units if we can, so there will be familiar faces - but that is NOT guaranteed. 

Can I register my daughter for both weeks?
The theme is the same both weeks so a repeat attendance is not recommended.  Plus, space is very limited so it is unlikely one camper would make it in both weeks. The exception would be for PAs, but their placement is also dependent on available space.

If looking for another day camp experience, register for the
Loveland Day Camp in July.  They have a great program and a different theme!

Can I register my daughter if she is not currently a Girl Scout?
Yes, but she will need to be registered as a GS to attend.  Go to the Girl Scout Registration page to sign her up online.  She need not be active in a troop. And if she was a member of a troop during the school year, that lasts until September so that covers summer activities even if she is not renewing membership or continuing with that troop.  (P.S. Many Girl Scouts are not associated with a troop, they are called Juliette's and attend regional and national activities plus other benefits of GS USA).

Does my child need a physical?
No, just general health questions at registration.  No medical form from a doctor. 

What are the benefits of volunteering?
See Volunteers page for more information on why it pays to volunteer!

I can't volunteer as I have other children.

Actually, we get that.  So we provide activities/units for your other children.  We setup units of boys that are the same age as campers - we call them Tags.  And we setup units of boys and girls 2 1/2 to preK - we call that MiniCamp.  This is available to you IF YOU are on site for the FULL DAY.  There is separate registration for them so you can pay their programs fee (less than campers). The fees pay for the fun stuff that everyone gets to do. 

Do I have to pay for my camper if I am volunteering?
Yes.  You pay online for your campers registration and we will refund your money the last day of camp, after you have fullfilled your volunteering commitment.

How do I pay for camp?
We use PayPal to process credit card or bank payments at the time of registration.  If your camper is NOT accepted, we refund your money by May 1st. See camper/PA/volunteer pages for exact fees.


Do you accept Cookie Credits?
Fort Collins Girl Scout Day Camp is a Cookie Credit participating camp!   After your child receives confirmation of placement, send your camp receipt to the Girl Scouts of Colorado for reimbursement of your daughter's hard earned cookie credits!  We do it this way since at time of day camp registration, you probably will not have cookie credits finalized so you won't know for sure the affect on day camp fee.

How do I report day camp as dependent care for my taxes?

Keep your receipt at registration to show you paid and the cost.

For tax ID related to day camp fee as childcare, visit:


How do refunds work with the online pay system?

Depending on the timing, refunds could apply.  Please refer to the timeline on the Registration Tab for exact dates and refund policies.

What are the dates/times for camp?
See main page or timeline on the Registration Page.  

How much does camp cost in 2019 (2021 in process)?  

  • $150 per camper
  • $45 per PA
  • $45 per Tags
  • $45 per Mini

Where is the camp located?
For the privacy and security of our camp, we do not post the exact location on the internet.  It is in southeast Fort Collins.

What age groups may attend?

  • Regular campers are for girls currently in grades 1st- 6th (for the fall/next school year after camp).
  • PAs are girls currently in 7th thru 12th grades (for the fall/next school year after camp).  
  • Tagalongs are boys currently in K through 5th grades (whose parents are volunteering onsite at camp).
  • Minis are children 2 1/2 years old through Pre-K at the time of camp (whose parents are volunteering onsite at camp).

How long has Day Camp operated?
With just a few gaps, we have been operating for over 20 years!  Since late 1990, we've been privledged to have  Program Director, Cindy Tunney.  Also, Dorsi Smith and Alli Oswandel have helped organize and direct the camps for about ten years.  Along with many other multiple year volunteers!  

Do you provide snack and/or lunch?
Campers will bring their own sack lunches each day.   Each unit will organize snacks. 

What types of things will they do at camp?
See Camper page for more information.  The actual activities vary with the year’s current theme but we always try to have the standby favorites like fishing, canoeing and archery. Our other activities include lots of crafts, science and outdoor skills!

Is there a medical staff for emergencies?
There are several adults trained in First Aide/CPR as well as an onsite Registered Nurse, when available.

How many girls will be in my daughter's unit?
Usually 10-12 girls of similar ages will be placed in a unit.  The younger ages tend to have fewer girls per unit. 

Who teaches/leads the activities? 
We fully support the Girl Lead idea for camp.  While every activity and Unit will always be under adult supervision, many of the activities are led by our PAs (girls 7th-12th grade learning leadership). 

What do campers do if it is raining?
Proper gear is a must for any outdoor adventure.  A list will be provided for attendees.  For rain, a poncho or large garbage bag works great (and covers their backpack too).  Campers will get wet and dirty (so towels or plastic in your car for pickup is recommended).  If dangerous weather approaches, we do have a full set of
inclimate weather plans as well as emergency evacuation options at local elementary school gyms.

Once camp is in session, we will do weather updates on our Fort Collins Girl Scout Day Camp Facebook page and via email.

Can I visit my daughter at camp if I am not a volunteer?
Sure, but we ask you to keep these to a minimum so that she can have the full experience.  All visitors MUST check-in at headquarters, even if just dropping off a forgotten lunch or coming to take a few pictures.  A great time to visit is Friday afternoon for the camp skits!

What is a PA?
PA stands for Program Aide.  These are the older scouts (current 7th-12 grades) that help run the camp activities.  See PA page for more information.​