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Girl Scout Day Camp


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Who are our campers?

        ​Girls entering 1st-6th grades in NEXT school year-in the Fall (not grade at registration)  
​       If girl is NOT a registered Girl Scout, please register ($25 additional) before May 1st.

What is our day camp?  

Fort Collins Girl Scout Day Camp is:

  • Day Camp Sessions are Monday thru Friday from 9 am - 3 pm
  • A great introduction to Girl Scout camps for campers of all skill levels!
  • An introduction to Girl Scouts!  Girl does not need to be a girl scout to register, although she is asked to join GS before she attends due to insurance requirements. This costs $25 and can be done online at GSCO.
  • A fun chance to build outdoor skills!
  • The perfect place to make new friends and hang out with old friends.  
  • An awesome opportunity to build confidence and leadership skills!

Camp is also:

  • Loud!  (We'll sing you in, We'll sing you out!)
  • Messy! (If you go home clean, you have missed something fun!)
  • Crazy! (In that fantastic, silly, fun sort of way!)

New in 2020! Option to Earn the LIA pin at day camp

(NOTE - we have not decided yet if this is a 2021/COVID era option)

  • We have added the option to earn the LIA pin as part of the day camp experience.
  • This is for girls entering 6th grade in the fall interested in the path to becoming a certified PA.
  • The LIA pin is the first step towards becoming a PA (which these girls will be old enough for summer of 2021) IF they continue the training path (see PA page for training requirements of a new PA).
  • This option requires LIA option 6th graders attend an additional session on Saturday July 11 for 2 hours where they organize the badge they will be teaching a younger unit at day camp.  The rest of the pin activities are earned while at day camp.  This Saturday training is for all LIA option day campers from Session 1 or Session 2. 
  • To be a part of this group, during registration, select "6th grader with LIA option" instead of "6th grader".  
  • ​Not all 6th graders at camp have to participate in the LIA badge.
  • Questions? Contact 

Cool stuff we have done in the past:

  • Canoeing (Can you canoe?)
  • Swimming/wading (We hope you like to get wet.)
  • Fishing (Real fishing skills with real fish that really bite the hook!)
  • Archery (4th grade and up can get their Katniss/Miradoch fix!)
  • Knife Safety (Can you whittle a little? Come learn to use a knife safely!)
  • Team building (Everybody has fun when everybody, well, HAS FUN!)
  • Arts and crafts (So much to create and share!)
  • Beginning Compass work (You can't always rely on Google Maps!)
  • Skits! (An ancient and wondrous Girl Scout tradition.)
  • Songs! (An ancient and VERY LOUD Girl Scout tradition.)
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE!!   (Really, we can't even list it all!  Well, we have a list somewhere . . .)


  • Fee for one camper, 5 days, 9a-3 pm is $150/camper for 2019 (we are working on new 2021 budget with new site and COVID expenses as of 2/2021)
  • Or, one camper can be FREE if an adult volunteers full-time (see all our fun full-time options – at camp or before).  If you volunteer full time, other campers in same family are guaranteed a spot AND we have on-site camp activities for your other children (see details on volunteer page). 
    • We do have you pay for your camper up front, then issue a refund after service is complete.  Contact regarding exceptions.
  • Scholarship opportunities available. Each camper scholarship can be up to 50% of fee. 
    • As this is volunteer run day camp, fees are not eligible for GSCO camp grants and discounts do not apply. 
    • Please contact by February 14th for details.

Refund Policy:

  • If you withdraw your camper before April 1, a processing fee will be deducted.
  • If camper is not selected for camp, a full refund of camper fee occurs when camp rosters are closed.
  • If you volunteer full time and earn a free camper, that credit is applied and refunds issued a few weeks after last camp is complete.
  • See specific dates/schedule on the Registration tab.

​Next Steps:
         Starting Feb 1st, go to Registration page (see top menu) and apply online.  See more details there.

Come join the fun!  

This is what being a kid, and a Girl Scout, is all about!